Every time I watch a movie, theater play or even television soap opera, there’s an artistic aspect in it that really fascinates me, the costume design. When others are wowed by how great was Cate Blanchett’s acting in ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’, i drew most of my attention to the wonderfully authentic pieces that the actor wore and cheered when Alexandra Byrne, the costume designer, won the Oscar for Best Costume.

And when I was given the responsibility to handle the wardrobe & make up department for the ‘Aladdin’ theater play on campus, even though I found how tiring it is to buy bulks of fabric, measure all the actors and handling few of the actors’ complaints about how they don’t like their costume’s color, but I when I see them onstage wearing pieces I designed, I knew this is something I’m good at and I would like to explore more of costume designing ever since.

Now, while I’m doing my last year in college and going to persuade my mom to teach me how to sew, I decided to make this blog and fill it with my humble opinions and reviews about the art and business of costume designing. And the blogging begins…