Set in 1934, Eva Green plays Miss G, an enigmatic swimming instructor at an English boarding school. Despite the interesting story itself, about young girls’ obsession to their free spirited and adventurous teacher who later draw her attention more to the new student from Spain, which caused jealousy and hatred, this movie has quite an amazing costumes. Especially for the character of Miss G, with her cigarettes and silk pants, she’s the embodiment of cool sensuality. Her dark and quirky attitude portrayed so well trough the really diverse and exotic wardrobe in the movie.

Fashion in 1930 was about romance, femininity and sensuality, although expressed in a more mature manner than the Roaring Twenties. Nipped waistlines, sweeping skirts and detail were the order of the day. Two piece suits became much more practical for women in the 1930s because of their versatility and durability. They took inspiration from men’s suits but gave them feminine touches like bright colored lining and figure flattering shapes.

One of the fashion innovations of the 1930s was women’s use of the pants suit, also known as the slacks suit. Like many of the popular fashions of the 1930s, the pants suit was associated with a Hollywood starlet, actress Marlene Dietrich (c. 1901–1992) wore men’s clothes in many of her movies, but she was especially known for wearing masculine suits in her public appearances. Women’s pants suits generally had flared or bell-bottomed trousers, and the jackets were tailored in slightly softer versions of men’s styles

Cracks’ costume designer, Allison Byrne, worked hard so that the outfits the teacher wore would reflect her personality. She went back to catalogues and archives of photographs from 1930’s England to understand the style of the period. Byrne wants Miss G’s character to be very avant garde and theatrical, but believable in terms of her look being entirely self generated.

My favorite look on Miss G !

Miss G’s character is very alluring and dramatic in the beginning – a total 30’s “sex siren” – and it is only as the film develops that the darkness and unreality of her internal life begins to show. Allison Byrne has successfully revealed the theatricality and eventually the darkness without pushing the costumes so far that they overtake what Eva was doing on screen.