On August 2009, I was assigned to be the head of wardrobe and make-up department for ‘Aladdin The Super Musical’ play. It was my first time of doing a costume designing project but i was so excited back then, i started to do a research about the arabian night theme costumes right away! After researching a lot about harem pants, fez and the structure of a flying carpet, i drew sketches of the costumes so i could look for specific fabric and tell the tailor what I really have in mind


Since the songs that were going to be sung by the actors were the same songs from the Disney’s Aladdin movie, so I tried to incorporate the costumes to the ones that in the cartoon and because there were a lot of singing and dancing involved so I had to really think about the comfiness of the costumes, because the last thing I want is Prince Ali to rip his pants while singing ‘A Whole New World’ .

the poor street rat

the last scene

the colorful dancers

we did it, team!

Me and my team worked so hard to realize these ideas due to limited budget, limited time and the large number of casts. But after a long process of measuring, shopping, renting, fitting and all, we actually made it and all the casts looked amazing onstage.