I gotta tell you that I’m a die-hard Gleek! Wednesday night is a sacred time for me when no one could touch the remote but me, and I still would buy the DVD box set so I could re-watch the episodes. Although the main attraction of the series are, of course, the musical part where the everyone sing and dance but I can’t help not to notice the stylish ensembles the characters gleefully wear in every episode.

The show’s heroine, Rachel Berry,  favors plaid skirts, knee socks, argyle vests and colorful cardigans, which reflect her upbeat -yet often annoyingly uptight – personality. I know that the costume designer was inspired by homeschool looking Tracy Flick from “The Election” character.

preppy, little nerdy Rachel always in stock of knee-high socks

The germophobe counseling teacher, Emma, always looks ladylike and proper. Because of her OCD habits, everything’s perfectly tailored, perfectly fit, put together very prim and proper. The always impeccably dressed Ms. Pillsbury and loves bright cardigans, Peter Pan collars and shirts buttoned almost all the way to the top. I personally love Emma’s slightly retro style and would start to look for those cardigan chains in every vintage store I know.

germophobe Emma looks prim and proper all the time

The unapologetically intense coach of McKinley High’s award-winning cheerleading squad has never met a tracksuit she didn’t like – she seems to own one in every color, and accessorizes with her ever-present megaphone. I like how no matter mean she is with everyone, she could still don pink!

the mean coach seems to collect every single color of tracksuit

The glee club kids wear matching outfits whenever they perform their amazing numbers, from blue and black outfits to the lovely gold and black ensemble they wore to the regionals. The performance costumes are always neat, youthful and thematic, a typical show choir costume…

perfect match!

… but they can also rock in crazy costumes! Like ones in the Gaga episode, each girls (and Kurt) wear one of Lady Gaga’s infamously outrageous outfits. My favorite is Quinn’s pink dress with those wacky eyelashes and hand props, and oh how can I forget those lobster on Britanny. For this episode, Kurt has to wear a claw-like high heels shoes and the wardrobe department had custom made it to fit his boy size.

glee girls goes gaga

It is the work of Lou Eyrich who dresses the character in a diverse and unique outfits for each and every character. For the jocks and Puck, she would shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Gap, Target and sports stores. For Emma, they go Anthropologie and J. Crew and then add necklaces and bracelets. Rachel wears clothes from J.C. Penney, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Target and J. Crew. They mix it up and pair it with a penny loafer, bright knee-high from Target, a way-too-short skirt from Forever 21 and a knit cardigan from a thrift store. And for all the hard work, she just won the Costume Designers Guild award for Outstanding Contemporary Television Series. Well done, Ms. Eyrich!